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Application of Infrared Thermal Imager on Highway

Expressways are characterized by high design standards, large traffic flow, and fast driving speeds. If advanced monitoring and management measures are not adopted, traffic accidents and traffic jams are extremely prone to occur in conditions of heavy traffic and harsh weather. Especially in some highway systems with very heavy traffic, it is essential to deploy full-process, all-weather 24-hour thermal imaging video surveillance. These thermal imaging monitoring systems can implement traffic flow and traffic operation monitoring, perform meteorological inspections on key points, implement 24-hour traffic control on key road sections, timely detect various abnormal conditions and take emergency measures to ensure the high-speed, safe and economical operational management of highways.

The implementation of the entire highway, all-weather 24-hour thermal imaging video camera surveillance system can not only improve the average speed of vehicles during peak hours, increase traffic flow during peak periods, reduce traffic jams and vehicle delays, but also greatly reduce traffic accidents and ensure traffic safety, save fuel and reduce the wear and tear of vehicles, shorten transportation time, reduce pollution, and exert the functions of express highway speed, safety, comfort and high efficiency. The whole process, all-weather 24-hour thermal imaging video surveillance system has more significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

1. Event monitoring

The infrared thermal imager can monitor road conditions under heavy smoke and dense fog conditions where ordinary cameras can't work. It can also monitor road conditions, super bridges, service areas and other key areas at night, and perform all-weather event detection on monitoring points. Thermal imaging highway monitoring is mainly to monitor highway road conditions and public facilities in real time, to prevent illegal parking, pedestrians crossing expressways, and man-made destruction of public facilities.

2. High-speed patrol

The infrared thermal imager can be installed on high-speed road administration patrol vehicles for high-speed patrols in dense smoke and fog where ordinary cameras cannot work at night. It is more convenient for users to grasp road condition information, and make the night (even if there is no lighting) like daytime. It can effectively prevent the glare interference of oncoming vehicles. Especially under the conditions of fog, smoke, and dust, you can clearly and accurately observe the danger, and see the areas where the headlights cannot shine. The area can be observed 3 times to 5 times longer than the headlights of ordinary cars, or even up to 10 times or more.

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