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Gyro-stabilized Camera

Gyro-stabilized camera is also a type of thermal imaging monitoring product. But how to choose thermal imaging monitoring products? There includes a lot of knowledge.

EO145 EO145
EO145 gimbal system is a professional dual camera system designed for aerial surveillance, facility inspection, search & rescue and other tasks. System is specially designed for aerial operation for UAV.
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EO188 EO188
EO188 photoelectric platform is developed for the photoelectric load of domestic small helicopters or large rotorcraft UAV. It mainly investigates and monitors aircraft, vehicles or pedestrians.
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EO350 EO350
EO350 optical stability pod is used for aircraft carriers, such as large and medium-sized manned aircraft or UAV. The 2-axis 4-frame gyro-stabilized platform and high-precision IMU can ensure the pod's high stability and precise target location capability.
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Background Information of Gyro Stabilization Camera

The thermal imaging monitoring equipment market is very competitive. There are many brands of thermal imaging monitoring equipment, and the price ranges from high to low. If the price is low, then the price is a few hundred or so. If it is high, then there are millions. So, how to choose good quality thermal imaging monitoring products?

In general, the gaps in the technical level and production process of thermal imaging products appearing in these industries are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Thermal imaging product gap

1. Detectors: From the perspective of detectors, most manufacturers use imported detectors with various restrictions. The manufacturers used them to assemble their own brands and were subject to the secondary development and production process.

2. Product features: Mainly divided into monitoring type and temperature monitoring early warning products. The use of monitoring products in the market is relatively common, mainly based on the fact that manufacturers do not need to go deep into secondary development. The products mainly provide real-time video images with low development levels and relatively low cost. The temperature measurement early warning type product involves the temperature measurement algorithm and the calibration process, and the development degree is high and the cost is high.

3.Product structure: At present, several typical applications, online temperature measurement, forest fire-prevention, water conservancy, island monitoring, etc., the product structure demand is still a cloud platform type product, and invented a dual-spectrum structure, using visible light equipment to compensate for the shortboard thermal imaging details. At present, most of the manufacturers provide dual-spectrum equipment based on patchwork. The internal components, such as thermal imaging cameras, visible light cameras, pan-tilt, switches, etc., come from different manufacturers, and their integration is very poor. There are obvious defects, which lead to the dual spectrum, in fact, they are simply combined together, and cannot form a good two-channel linkage, the experience is generally poor, and the industry application is also narrow.

Several Judgment Criteria for Selecting Gyro Action Camera

1. Pixels: First of all, to determine the pixel level of the purchase of infrared cameras, most of the level of the infrared camera is related to pixels. 

2.Temperature resolution: The smaller the temperature resolution, the more obvious the infrared cameras' perception of temperature changes. When choosing, try to choose a product with a small value.

3.Temperature range and measured object: It is not the greater the temperature span, the smaller the temperature range will be more accurate. In addition, when a general infrared camera needs to measure an object above 500 °C, it needs to be equipped with a corresponding high-temperature lens.

4.Temperature stability: The core component of the thermal imaging camera is the infrared detector. At present, there are mainly two kinds of detectors, namely vanadium oxide crystal and polysilicon detector.

5.Spatial resolution: The smaller the spatial resolution value is, the higher the spatial resolution is, and the more accurate the temperature measurement is. The smaller the spatial resolution value is, the measured target can cover the pixels of the infrared camera, and the tested temperature is the true temperature of the measured target.

6.The combination of infrared and visible light images: If the combination of infrared image and visible light image display reduces a lot of work, the unknown of the hot spot in the infrared image can be judged according to the visible-light picture, and the automatic generation of the report will greatly reduce the operation time.

According to the different surface heat of different objects, the thermal imaging image is also different. The infrared thermal imager can successfully help people search and monitor, and plays an important role in industrial production, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Want to know more, please come to ULIRVISION!

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