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The infrared thermal imaging camera detects the infrared radiation emitted by the object itself and forms an image of the surface temperature distribution of the object. The higher the temperature of the object, the greater the infrared radiation energy will be. The thermal imager obtains the temperature distribution on the surface of the object through the received infrared energy. So what are the advantages of infrared cameras of human body temperature measurement?

Imaging Infrared Thermometer for Sale

  • TI160-P1
    TI160-P1 is a human body temperature measuring thermal camera that can achieve accurate and fast temperature measurements in the crowd.
  • TI160-P4
    TI160-P4 is an online infrared body temperature screener. Accurate temperature measurement and real-time imaging allow it to be widely used in public places.
  • TI160-P5
    TI160-P5 can measure temperature accurately and automatically captures feverish people. Even without a technician's guidance, you can install and operate it easily.
  • TI160-P11B
    TI160-P11B is a non-contact human temperature measurement system specially designed for human body inspection and quarantine places.
  • T10P
    T10p is a special infrared human body temperature screening device. This thermal imaging camera has extraordinary functions such as high accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temp auto tracking, quickly lock the target etc.

Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

1. Investigation: fast, large-scale investigation. Infrared thermal imaging camera uses a non-contact imaging temperature measurement method, the image response speed is very fast. It can check one or more high-temperature individuals in the field of view within 1S. (If using a traditional thermometer for testing, it usually takes 3m/person-times. Ordinary point thermometer, forehead thermometer, and ear thermometer are single human body detection. The general detection time is 4 ~ 5 seconds/person).

2. Distance: Passive, long-distance non-contact, non-disturbing temperature measurement methods are used, and the person being tested can complete the temperature detection without stopping, standing or taking any action. At the same time, the staff is far away from the test population, which can effectively avoid cross-infection.

3. Judgment: The infrared thermal imager can search out the body surface temperature of the tested person, and can calculate the temperature display of the body through the built-in software, which is convenient for the staff to check the body temperature.

4. Alarm: the imaging infrared thermometer can be powered by an external power supply to continuously perform human body temperature sampling; when a high-temperature individual passes through the field of view, the infrared camera can indicate the location of the high-temperature individual and issue a sound or color warning.

In many infectious diseases, the judgment of body temperature is the most basic and crucial point. ULIRVISION human body temperature measuring thermal camera can help you solve this problem.

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