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Online Monitoring Thermal Imaging Pan&Tilt

The competition in the security market is becoming more and fiercer, and the price and cost competition have become the main competitive means of today's manufacturers. So how can we choose a product with higher cost performance? In general, customers choose Thermal Imaging Pan & Tilt from two aspects: First, look at the price; second, see the effect. However, the quality is very important, which is also be ignored by most of the customers.

TI300PTZ丨TI600PTZ integrate thermal imaging camera, CCD camera and 360°continuous rotating pan&tilt. It is suitable for 24h/365d temperature monitoring for machinery, electronic equipment and flammable materials; it can detect potential dangers and automatically alarm timely so as to ensure the safety.
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TI400PTZ can achieve real-time monitoring of important electric power, mechanical operation parts and inflammable materials, which can be your greater helper.
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1. Camera comparison

The camera price is similar. No matter the effect, quality, and cost, there is not much difference!

2. Comparison of details

1.The material used for the product is different, and the quality, life and cost will be different. Simply speaking, silica gel is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, and aging. The application time of nitrile rubber in high temperature or low temperature environment is short and brittle. From this aspect, we can clearly see that in order to reduce costs from the details, the quality of many products will have certain risks.

2.Whether there is a professional oil seal design at the vertical rotary bearing of the ball machine determines whether the product will enter the water in the future practical application. Nowadays, many manufacturers of such products often enter the water in practical applications, and their design defects or "low-cost mentality" have become the fundamental cause of such products entering the water.

3.Unreasonable thermal design or no heat dissipation design is one of the main factors affecting attenuation.

4.In order to reduce the cost of the general manufacturer, the shell is designed to be plastic or aluminum alloy mixed with plastic. The environment used is generally outdoor, and outdoor applications should consider a series of problems such as high temperature, low temperature, sand, corrosion, oxidation, etc. The all-aluminum alloy casing is definitely stronger than the plastic casing, which is beyond doubt.

3. Conclusion

ULIRVIISON Online Monitoring Thermal Imaging Pan & Tilt use quality assured materials. And our advanced technology will definitely provide customers with the most satisfactory solution.

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