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Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., LTD.

Ulirvision CEO Oration

Ulirvision insists on what is right to make surprises for the ideal

The first ideal of ULIRVISION is the vision, then the values. Ideal makes ULIRVISION see what other enterprises could not and figure out what other enterprises could not; the ideal is the beacon.

Enterprise is made up of people, so enterprise is human; vision and values are its souls. ULIRVISION takes "Make the world more secure" as a vision, adheres to the values of "creating value for customers, providing a platform for those who strive, and contributing to social progress", determines to be the person who pursues the ideal and makes money by the way. We have come through 14 years and created today's ULIRVISION. Tomorrow, we will still face the morning light, overcome the wind & snow, keep the "Insist on what is right to make surprises" from "The Art of War by Sun Tzu" in mind, moving forward to the ideal.

"The warrior, gather for the right, win for the surprising". To achieve the ideal, ULIRVISION must insist on what is right to make surprises. Insisting on what is right means adhering to vision and values; making surprises is grasping customer needs agilely to make innovation positively. We are selling our service and ideal instead of products. Only by insisting on what is right could make surprises. Insisting on what is right and making surprises are the unity of opposites that complement each other.

Thanks to the honest, diligent ULIRVISION people, and thanks to global customers, partners, and industry organizations. Let’s work together to make our continuous efforts for creating a safer world in the future.

Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.

About Ulirvision

Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.(ULIRVISION) was established in 2005 with a paid registered capital of 110 million. ULIRVISION focuses on infrared thermal imaging, ultraviolet imaging, gas imaging camera, laser clearing instruments, intelligent inspection robot technology innovation and industrialization.

ULIRVISION has more than a research team of more than 100 researchers in optical design, electronic technology, image algorithms, information processing, precision machinery, system integration, remote control, etc. ULIRVISION has obtained national high-tech enterprises and national key software enterprise certifications and has overseas self-support import and export rights, more than 30 computer copyrights and more than 100 patents. For more than a decade, we have continued to enhance the customer experience and create maximum value for our customers.

At present, ULIRVISION has provided hundreds of thousands of sets of infrared camera for temperature measurement, infrared imaging cameras and UVSee corona camera for more than 60 countries, which are widely used in electric power, national defense, energy, video surveillance, scientific research, industry, medical, fire protection, and vehicle industries, it escorts equipment and human safety.

“To create value for customers, to provide a platform for the strugglers, to contribute to the progress of society”, make the world more secure, ULIRVISION is determined to be a respected, globally renowned professional company which is leading in infrared thermal imaging, UV imaging as well as gas imaging industry.

Ulirvision Culture

ULIRVISION Positioning:

Infrared-centric IntelliSense products and big data service providers


Make the world more secure


Help visionaries gain insight into the future


Create value for customers, provide a platform for those who struggle, and contribute to social progress

Ulirvision Mission

ULIRVISION Social Responsibility:

ULIRVISION insists on honest management, continuous learning, innovation, and actively takes the responsibility for value chain partners, the global environment and society. ULIRVISION rewards the long-term interests of shareholders, provides employees with a stage without ceiling, makes achievements for customers and makes win-win situation for partners, protects our Earth and give back to society. Be a good global corporate citizen, let the world be better because of ULIRVISION.

Basic principles of ULIRVISION social responsibility:

Integrity and law-abiding: strict self-discipline, integrity management, ULIRVISION complies with the laws of the countries and regions in which the business is conducted.

Participation of all ULIRVISIONese. Corporation social responsibility is all ULIRVISIONse responsibility; we need to closely integrate our corporate social responsibility philosophy with our businesses to reflect on our awareness, behavior and results.

Collaborative development. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with stakeholders, understand and respond to their expectations and requirements, and achieve sustainable development together.

Focus on the world. ULIRVISION is paying more attention to social and environmental problems around the world as the international enterprise which originates from China.

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