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Thermal Imaging Core

Infrared thermal imaging technology is now more and more widely used in many different areas around the world, such as the security monitoring, industrial detection, the autonomous vehicle auxiliary market, iron industry and so on. Infrared thermal imaging camera is equipped with infrared detector and optical imaging objective lens, so it can receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, so as to obtain the infrared thermal image, which exactly corresponds to the thermal distribution field of the surface of target object. Generally speaking, thermal imaging camera is to transform the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors in the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the target object being measured.

Choosing the most suitable thermal imaging core is choosing half the right Infrared thermal imager. Therefore, how to choose the highly qualified infrared thermal imaging core is very important.

Thermal Imaging Core Products

  • Shutter Core
  • Shutter-less Core
  • Cooled Core
TC388G/TC688G TC388G/TC688G
TC388G|TC688G are the thermal imaging camera cores with advanced reliable shutter, it can provide stable and high quality thermal images and videos.
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TC490/TC790G TC490/TC790G
TC490|TC790G are the latest generation of shutterless thermal imaging camera cores, featuring the smallest size, lightest weight, ultimate IR resolution and lowest power consumption on the market.
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TC390/TC690G TC390/TC690G
Small structure & lightweight are apparently TC390|TC690G's most obvious advantage. This core can also be used with motorized lenses. We believe this will be an excellent product for you.
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TC320MW|TC640MW are mid-wave cooled thermal imaging cores with high-quality detectors which can be easily integrated into infrared systems that require extremely long distance detection and adaption to any harsh environment.
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This product cannot only be adapted into extremely long-distance detection, but also it can work in all kinds of bad weather conditions. Try it and you will know how good it is!
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1. Choose the materials of the thermal core detector: One of the most important factor

The infrared focal plane detector is the core of infrared thermal imaging device, and it is also the key to detect, distinguish and analyze thermal information of target objects, which is equivalent to the human brain. The infrared core of the detector is called thermosensitive material.

Heat sensitive material analyzes infrared radiation and the output signal, the important bridge between its selections for microbolometer sensitivity (NETD) has a very big effect, optimizing high-temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), and the material of low 1 / f noise, while considering the integration process of the selected material and the readout circuit is convenient and efficient. 

Currently, the most commonly used thermal sensitive materials are vanadium oxide (VOx) and polycrystalline silicon (a-si).

2. Definition: the higher the resolution, the clearer the image of the target object; the clearer the target object, the better the user experience.

One important index of the resolution of the infrared thermal imaging mechanism is the Detector Resolution (pixel), which will directly affect the quality of the final imaging effect.

3. Focus on core technology: pixel size.

Pixel size is also one of the core technologies in the infrared thermal imaging core industry.

Pixel size is constantly moving forward, the current mainstream size is 17 microns to 14 microns. There are two manufacturers of 12-pixel size micron globally, including one in China. With the decrease of pixel size, 12 microns will promote the wider application of infrared thermal imaging technology.

4. Frame frequency: the higher the frame frequency, the clearer and smoother the image.

The frame frequency is an important parameter of real-time detection. For the detection of a moving target, the higher the frame frequency of the infrared thermal imaging core, the more coherent the picture, and the better the observation effect, especially for aerial photography.

5. See quality control ability: choose a big manufacturer.

The infrared thermal imaging device is a high-end precision instrument, to strictly test the imaging at full temperature zone, many small factories cannot make it. Therefore, choose a big and reliable manufacturer is necessary.

In addition to high-low temperature and full-temperature zone experiments, IP protection grade and customized production services are also important indicators in quality inspection.

6. Look at the service guarantee system: reassuring after-sales service.

Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd. has four major categories of thermal image core products: Shutter Core, Shutter-less Core, Cooled Core, and DUV Imaging Core. We also provide a service guarantee system to professional pre-sale and after-sales green channel, provides 7*24 hours round-the-clock service, and provides customized service and professional key customer service. 

Customers can always contact us when in need!

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