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Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.
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ULIRVISION has seen ten years' exploration and will see further and longer.

Our brand ULIRVISION explains what we are doing and concentrating. UL refers to Ultraviolet and IR represents Infrared. Vision shows both where we are heading in the guide of insightful leader and our thermal imaging products' visual experience. Vision, what I can see the unseen by using thermal imaging product, how fruitful I can achieve and how far I can go. A double-meaning word we need to grasp its implications and put into action.

ULIRVISION is committed to produce IR and UV products with cutting-edge technologies, to better serve people's life.

R&D Capability

ULIRVISION R&D team plays a significant role in the whole company process. We always prioritize R&D and bring in lots of talents year on year to invest new strength. Excellent team has always made technology breakthroughs and acquired multiple patents.

With 10 years of development, we have established strong talent team composed of optic team IR team, UV team, laser team, and structure team.

The R&D team has over 100 high-level technical stuff specialized in fields ranging from optical design, Electronic technology, image algorithm, information processing, precision mechanics, system integration, remote control, industrial design, etc. 5 percent of them owns a doctor's degree, master's degree counts for 45 percent and undergraduate 50 percent.

ULIRVISION value intellectual property rights and claimed 7 patents totally.

We take a whole-life approach to develop high-quality products and aim for continuous improvement on our current innovative products across a range of criteria. ULIRVISION only focus on producing thermal imaging systems, concentrated and professional.

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