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Thermal Product Solutions

Classification of Ulirvision products:

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

  • UVSee Corona Camera

  • Gas Leakage Camera

  • Online Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

  • Thermal Imaging Core

  • Thermal Night Vision

  • Thermal Security Monitoring Systems

  • Infrared Lens

Application of Ulirvision products:

Each type of product corresponds to different functions and application scenarios. 

For example, the thermal imaging camera makes the temperature visible by imaging; the gas leak detection infrared camera accurately locates more than 40 kinds of gas leaks that are invisible to the human eye by imaging.

The infrared night vision device turns the night into day by thermal imaging.

The UVSee Corona Camera realizes the corona discharge part in real time by imaging, and calculates the discharge intensity to realize the electrification detection of the electrical equipment.

Thermal Imaging Core can satisfy equipment integration and secondary development.

With more than 30 computer copyrights and more than 100 patents, ULIRVISION determines to provide better products and services to clients.

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