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In our practice, we often encounter some customer-related questions about the product, and some of them have some high repetition. Most of the time these problems can be solved with a few simple operations. Below we list these more common problems and the corresponding solutions. And we will also continue to update questions and solutions according to the actual practice.

  • Q 1. Why does thermal imaging camera turn off by itself?

    Answer: infrared thermal imaging camera turns off by itself most probable is because the battery is exhausted. You could replace the battery or connect the power adapter to continue using thermal imaging camera.

  • Q 2. Why is there no infrared thermal image when the camera is turned on?

    Answer: if the IR   thermal imaging camera shows nothing, it's probably because the lens cover is not open. Just open the lens cover and try again.

  • Q 3. Why does the image of the thermal imaging camera turn black and white?

    Answer: if the infrared thermal imaging turns black and white, check if you have selected the black and white label. If yes, it can be changed by restoring factory settings.

  • Q 4. What should I do if the thermal imaging camera cannot be started?


    1) Please check whether the thermal imaging equipment is loaded with battery and whether the battery is loaded correctly.

    2) The battery is exhausted, replace the battery or connect the power adapter.

    3) The camera is turned off for protection, please wait for 5 seconds and then turn it on.

  • Q 5. What should I do when the thermal imaging camera battery power consumption is too fast?

    Answer: The reason for the rapid power consumption of the thermal imaging device is:

    1) The ambient temperature is too low or too high.

    2) The rechargeable battery is not fully charged, please recharge the rechargeable battery.

    3) The life of the battery is nearing the end. Generally, such batteries can be charged and discharged for about 300 cycles.