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A thermal imaging camera is a device that uses infrared and thermal imaging technology to convert the image of the temperature distribution of the target object into a visible image through detecting the infrared radiation of the target object and applying signal processing and photoelectric conversion. The thermal imaging camera accurately quantifies the actual detected heat and images of the entire object in real-time in the form of a surface, thus accurately identifying the suspected fault area that is heating. The operator initially judges the fever condition and the fault location through the image color and hotspot tracking display function displayed on the screen of the thermal imaging detector, and strictly analyzes it, thereby embodying high efficiency and high accuracy in confirming the problem.

Thermal imaging equipment has been used in the military field for the past few years and expanding into civilian and industrial fields in recent years. After decades of continuous development, infrared thermography camera has evolved from a bulky machine into a lightweight, portable device for field testing.

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Thermal Imaging Camera for Sale

  • TI400S/TI600S
    With its excellent imaging quality, friendly user interface operation and rich temperature measurement functions, device can meet the strict testing requirements of thermal imaging experts.
  • TI175/TI395
    ULIRVISION TI175|TI395 are affordable, easy-to-operate and high-performance thermal imaging cameras that offer accurate temperature measurements at safe distances.
  • T2
    T2 has short time to start and supports various measurement methods. It can be used in temperature measurement area such as electric industry, mechanical inspection, etc..
  • T5/T6
    ULIRVISION T5|T6 are with ergonomic design, high performance with 5MP visual camera, interchangeable lens, 4,3” touch screen, manual & auto focus.
  • T10
    T10 is a portable thermal imaging camera. Accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temp auto tracking, quickly lock the target.
  • T100
    T100 is the latest expert-level thermal imaging camera of ULIRVISION. Product adopts 1024×768 high-pixel aSi microthermal detector, manual & auto integrated lens, 120° rotation, excellent imaging quality, and meets the strict requirements of scientific research institutions for high-end thermal camera.
Thermal Imaging Camera

IR Thermal Imaging Camera Working Principle

IR thermal imaging camera typically consists of an optomechanical component, a focusing/zoom component, an internal non-uniformity correction component, an imaging circuit component, and an infrared detector/refrigerator component. The technical indicators of thermal imaging equipment include NETD, Resolution, FOV, IFOV, Temperature range, and so on.

In general, an IR thermography camera converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors above the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured. By viewing the thermal image, the overall temperature distribution of the target can be observed, and the fever condition of the target can be studied to judge the next step.

Structure and Composition of IR Thermal Camera

IR thermal imaging camera typically consists of an optomechanical component, a focusing/zoom component, an internal non-uniformity correction component, an imaging circuit component, and an infrared detector/refrigerator component.

Applications of Thermal Imaging Detector

1) Monitor unbalanced load of generators and motors.

2) Perform maintenance inspection on electrical equipment.

3) Monitor sudden natural environmental changes such as volcanic eruptions and landslides.

4) Detect overheating of the casing of the transformer, overload, loose joints, and poor blockage of the cooling pipes, poor contact, and unbalanced three-phase load.

The application range of thermal imaging device is becoming more and more extensive, and it will play an important role in the scientific research field, medical field, electronics, and other industries.

Advantage of Thermal Imaging Equipment

Since infrared thermal imaging technology is a passive non-contact detection and recognition of targets, it is concealed and not easy to be discovered, making the operator of the infrared temperature camera safer and more effective.

  • Infrared thermal imaging technology has a strong detection capability.

  • Infrared thermal imaging technology can truly monitor 24 hours a day.

Infrared thermal imaging technology can visually display the temperature field on the surface of the object, without being affected by strong light, and can be monitored in the presence of obstructions such as trees and grass.

Technical Indicators of Thermal Imaging Equipment

NETD, Resolution, FOV, IFOV, Temperature range and so on.

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