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The core of UV See Corona Camera is the application of ultraviolet detection technology. Below are two of our hot sale UV cameras and a brief introdution of the ultraviolet detection used on corona camera for image capture.

UV See Corona Camera

Working Principle of Ultraviolet Camera

Ultraviolet imaging technology for electric discharge detection is to use a special instrument to receive the signal generated by corona discharge. After processing, it is imaged and superimposed with visible light image to achieve the purpose of determining the position and intensity of corona, and provide a basis for status detection of electrical equipment. The wavelength range of ultraviolet light is 10nm ~ 400nm. The sun also contains ultraviolet light, but since the earth's ozone layer absorbs some wavelength components, the solar ultraviolet spectrum radiated to the ground is actually above 300nm, and the wavelength region below 300nm is called the solar-blind zone. Most of the ultraviolet rays generated by the discharge of high-voltage equipment are in the range of 280nm~400nm, and a small part of the wavelength is in the range of 230nm~280nm. This part of the wavelength of ultraviolet light can be used as a basis for judging equipment failure.

Ultraviolet Detection Technology of Corona Camera

Ultraviolet detection technology can detect the corona discharge and surface partial discharge characteristics of power equipment, as well as the external insulation state and pollution degree, and effectively complement the used infrared imaging detection technology. Electrical equipment includes high-voltage conductor rough surface, terminal acute angle area, insulation surface contamination area, high-voltage bushing, and conductor termination insulation treatment, broken high-voltage conductor, poorly crimped conductor, defective insulator, broken porcelain bottle, and insulator, etc. During high-voltage operation, corona discharge occurs due to electric field concentration, and audible noise, radio interference, and power loss occur, which have certain effects on the environment and equipment operation. Therefore, moderate control of the corona effect is very important for the development of UHV transmission.

Application of UV Corona Camera

Our UV camera for sale has a wide range of applications. All places with external discharge can observe corona with the ultraviolet imager. The detection range is mainly related to wire trauma detection, high-voltage equipment pollution inspection, insulation defect detection, insulator discharge detection, and finding radio interference sources.

Key Features of  ULIRVISION UV cameras

  • Highly sensitive to ultraviolet signals

  • Light weight with smart size, easy for user to operate

  • With professional report analysis software, more conducive to on-site situation analysis

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