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Thermography applications are everywhere. Through infrared thermography technology, the infrared measurements and construct radiometric images are transformed. This method is simple but useful. Therefore, infrared thermography applications are welcomed in various industries, including petroleum and chemical industry, solar industry, building industry, etc.

Below you can learn more about the basics of thermal imaging camera applications.  Ulirvision products are designed for everyday, industrial and other uses. Our innovative infrared thermal imaging technologies can greatly help you get your projects started.

  • Steel Industry
    Steel Industry
    Metallurgical production-oriented enterprise has a close relationship with temperature.
  • Petroleum and Chemical Industry
    Petroleum and Chemical Industry
    In petroleum and chemical enterprise, equipment are working in an ambient of high temperature.
  • Solar Industry
    Solar Industry
    Due to the high production cost and complicated production process in the solar energy industry.
  • Building Industry
    Building Industry
    Ordinary building diagnosis often has great difficulties to people. The floor is relatively high, the indoor items are piled up too much, and there are plants covering the outside, those will all incr...
  • Fire Industry
    Fire Industry
    Fire hazards have certain concealment and incubation period, and visual inspection is often difficult to find. It is urgent to establish a scientific, accurate and operable fire safety detection metho...
  • Security Surveillance Industry
    Security Surveillance Industry
    A thermal imaging camera captures distinct images of the targeted objects in total darkness without any illumination. That the ability of getting the best image details and optimal intrusion detection...
  • Power Industry
    Power Industry
    There are lots of power equipment faults and most of them would give off heat. In power industry, the thermal imaging camera has been used for thermal defects detection on electrical equipment and lin...