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In petroleum and chemical enterprise, equipment is working in an ambient of high temperature, high-pressure corrosion and oxidization continuously. Once there is a malfunction, it will lead to a huge loss. In order to find problems earlier, ensure safety production operation, and prolong the lifetime of the equipment, a thermal imaging camera is your best choice.

Petrochemical production has different characteristics from other industries. Much important equipment work under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, and most of them are process operations, long cycle operations, and inherent risks in petrochemical production (flammable, easy Explosion), the industrial production department has always attached great importance to the strict online monitoring of the production process, the reliability and safety of the equipment itself and regular shutdown maintenance.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology in Petroleum and Chemical Industry

Infrared thermal imaging technology is applied to the regular monitoring and fault diagnosis of petrochemical equipment. It is mainly based on the principle of infrared radiation temperature measurement. It relies on the infrared imager to quickly and conveniently obtain the heat map of the measured object, according to the temperature difference of each part of the measured object. The temperature is different even in the same part in different periods. Combined with the equipment, device structure, and other conditions to diagnose the operation of the equipment, and provide a basis for equipment status monitoring reports, as well as effective failure and maintenance reports.

Thermal Imaging Camera Detection

The petroleum and chemical enterprises use the pipes to transmit vapor, raw material, products, etc. and the pipes are often wrapped by an insulation layer. Our thermal imaging camera can detect layer damage and leakage easily.

The infrared thermography camera detects the following items of pipes:

  • Coke blockage

  • Thin pipe causes of wear and corrosion of the inside part

  • Pipe cracks and leakages

  • Insulating layer falling off

Thermal Imaging Camera Detection of Pipe

Infrared Image by Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Detection

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