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Fire hazards have certain concealment and incubation period, and visual inspection is often difficult to find. It is urgent to establish a scientific, accurate and operable fire safety detection method. In many aspects such as fire control, firefighting and rescue, fire warning, and electrical fire safety inspection, thermal imaging camera applications can greatly improve the processing capacity of people for fire protection work. The thermal imager not only detects the surface temperature of the object, but also displays the temperature distribution of the object. Therefore, it can provide more information to the firefighters. In rescue operations, thermal imaging camera often play a key role in the following four main aspects:

1. Fire Thermal Imaging Camera Search for Electrical Fire Hazards

Thermal imaging camera can detect infrared ray emitted by the electrical device and produce a thermal image in accordance with the surface temperature of the device, thus spotting the hot point and its temperature to avoid potential fire hazards.

                    Fire Thermal Imaging Camera Search for Electrical Fire Hazards   Fire Thermal Imaging Camera Search Image

2. Firefighter Thermal Imager for Fire Scene Search and Rescue

Search and rescue is conducted by the steering and rescue group together. The steering group uses the camera to search and spot the position of the trapped person. Then set a secure and effective way, arrange a marker line that directs the team member to enter and evacuate from the fire scene.

When trapped person is spotted, a rescue group is sent to rescue and the rescue group together with the trapped person shall follow the marker line to evacuate from the building.


                    Firefighter Thermal Imager   Firefighter Thermal Imager for Fire Scene Search and Rescue

3. Firefighting Thermal Camera Ensures the Safety of Firefighters

At the scene of the fire, the safety of firefighters is also greatly threatened. Our thermal imaging camera for sale can monitor on dangerous goods and materials at the scene of the fire to ensure the security of the firefighter.

                    Firefighting Thermal Camera Image

4. Thermal Camera Firefighting Clearance of the Fire Scene

When fires were out, lots of flammable stuffs are still left over, our camera can find these places fast to avoid potential burning of them.

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