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ULIRVISION Thermal Products

As a professional and reliable infrared camera manufacturer, Ulirvision supplies the following category products, varying from infrared thermal imaging camera to infrared lens. Ulirvision develops innovative technology to make our products more efficient. Ulirvision is striving to create a more human-friendly and sustainable environment for our users through our creative solutions.

Featured IR & UV Systems

With ULIRVISION thermal imaging cameras, you can detect issues before they become problems. We supply a wide range of products with high accuracy and competitive prices!

Thermography applications are everywhere. Through infrared thermography technology, the infrared measurements and construct radiometric images are transformed. This method is simple but useful. Therefore, infrared thermography applications are welcomed in various industries, including petroleum and chemical industry, solar industry, building industry, etc.

Below you can learn more about the basics of thermal imaging camera applications.  Ulirvision products are designed for everyday, industrial and other uses. Our innovative infrared thermal imaging technologies can greatly help you get your projects started.

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About Ulirvision

Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd. (ULIRVISION) is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, integrating the IR and UV systems. Since the establishment in 2005, ULIRVISION has served its clients worldwide with cutting-edge technology in handheld thermal imaging camera, thermal imaging cores, thermal night vision systems, thermal surveillance camera, and corona cameras. Innovative solutions are brought into power industry, electrical industry, automation application, firefighting, surveillance monitoring, and night vision areas through ULIRVISION.

  • Years of Experience
    With years of IR technology experience, we can solve many kinds of problems in power industry.
  • Various Product Types
    Different types of products and solutions can satisfy the different needs of customers.
  • Excellent Product Quality
    Strict production process and acceptance team to ensure the quality of each product.
  • Professional R&D Team
    Equipped with advanced IR and UV technology, professional R&D team provides individualized product solutions.
  • Free Technical Support
    Provide you with professional technical support to solve the difficulties in operation and use.
  • Good After-Sale Service
    Provide high-quality and good after-sale service is always ULIRVISION's services aim.
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We provide one-stop customer support services, remote problem handling, online technical support, software update authorization, hardware support, to meet the needs of customers at different levels.