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The shutter of the infrared camera core is an element that is easily overlooked. Actually shutter is a key configuration. Not only because shutter can eliminate temperature offset and directly affect the accuracy of temperature measurement, but also directly related to the performance of the detector. Below is the comparison of shutter core and shutter-less core.

1. Function of Shutter

The shutter is built between the lens and the detector, and the shutter switch is manually activated by setting the time interval. The presence of the shutter is to accommodate the temperature measurement defect of the detector. Since the low-end detectors and detectors are currently subject to process level and software technology, they cannot be adaptively adjusted according to the external temperature and humidity. Therefore, when the camera is observed for a period of time or when the observed temperature and humidity of the object changes, the detector parameters are reset by the occlusion of the shutter to achieve the purpose of temperature measurement and image calibration.

2. The Difference between Shutter and Sutter-Less

Shutter-less infrared camera detector performs better than with a shutter. The shutter-less indicates that the detector equipped with the camera can adapt to environmental changes, and the highly intelligent software algorithm can automatically achieve the best observation. When a shutter thermal camera observe an object, it will zero periodically. In the opening and closing of the shutter, the image of the thermal imager will be stuck, and the performance is the lack of frame. Because the camera does not collect data during the opening and closing of the shutter.

3. Practical Application

The price of a shutter-less thermal camera will be significantly higher than that of a shutter thermal camera. Moreover, the production process of the shutter-less thermal camera is complicated, and the productivity ratio is low. Therefore, shutter thermal camera is more used in the market.

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