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As a high-tech product, the online thermal imaging camera is expensive and varies greatly in price. Customers will face such a large price gap when choosing online thermal imaging cameras, sometimes they can't make a decision. What price should the online infrared camera be purchased by consumers, and which company? Which online thermal imager is cost effective? Let's talk about it next.

1. Resolution and pixels

Resolution and pixels are actually an indicator, which is the main factor affecting thermal imaging cameras. The higher the resolution of the infrared camera, the higher the price in theory.

2. Frame rate

Frame rate is an important factor affecting the price of infrared cameras. The frame rate of the infrared camera is generally 9-60HZ. The meaning of the frame rate is the number of images captured by the infrared camera per second. The higher the frame rate, the higher the capture accuracy, the more accurate the display, and the more continuous the resulting image. The same pixel of the thermal imaging camera, the higher the frame rate, the higher the price.

3. Temperature range

Temperature measurement range is another important factor affecting the price of infrared cameras. Due to the imaging principle of the infrared camera, not only the temperature range is required to be large, but also the temperature measurement area is recommended. For example, the temperature range of -20-600 degrees, if it is such a large temperature measurement area, the sensitivity of the infrared camera will decrease, in this case, the difference of 5 degrees will show a color.

4. Temperature measurement method

Only the temperature measuring is a low-cost infrared camera. If there is an area temperature measuring infrared camera, the price will become higher. If there are moving points, moving areas, high temperature capture, high temperature alarms, etc., the price is more expensive.

When selecting an infrared camera, it is recommended to select an infrared camera with functions such as moving point, moving area, high temperature capture, high temperature alarm, etc. Although it is expensive, it is very important in practical work.

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