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Shipborne monitoring

1.Auxiliary navigation

Use infrared thermal imaging equipment to navigate, when sailing, no need to consider day or night, sunny, rainy or foggy days, can be clearly imaged. At the same time, it is possible to find small surrounding materials that are difficult to detect by the radar, and have the characteristics of a wide-range, full-field observation of the navigation route, which greatly improves the safety of the boat.

2.Long-range investigation, maritime rescue

Infrared thermal imaging equipment is the only monitoring equipment with long-distance, wide-range and full-field detection under nighttime no-light conditions. It has been widely used in nighttime personnel search and rescue, maritime reconnaissance and other occasions.

3.Auxiliary vessel landing

Infrared thermal imaging equipment can be monitored in real time for 24 hours, which can help the ship to safely dock at night.

4.Safety monitoring of the ship

The security anti-theft monitoring of the ship's upper deck and bow/tail can be monitored around the clock to prevent lawless elements from damaging the equipment on board and to ensure safety.

On-board electromechanical equipment condition monitoring

Infrared thermal imaging equipment has been widely used in the industrial field as a device that can convert an instantaneous thermal temperature field into a visual image and realize real-time temperature analysis. In the maritime field, it is possible to provide temperature analysis for live and live electrical equipment on board, to judge the operating status, prevent equipment failure, prevent fires, and ensure safe work of ships.

Marine fire rescue

Infrared thermal imaging equipment has good ability to penetrate smoke, can quickly find trapped people in the fire field, obtain the position and temperature changes of dangerous goods in the fire field, provide reference for firefighting work, and avoid accidental injury of rescue personnel, especially suitable for Fire rescue application in a small environment on board!

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