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For a long time, the staff of hospital logistics support have generally completed the safety inspection of equipment through infrared thermometers. Only through the "spot measurement" function, the temperature difference of the equipment can be detected in a small range, but the temperature status of the equipment cannot be viewed in a large range intuitively, which has a great impact on the inspection efficiency of the equipment.

So, how to ensure the efficient inspection of hospital power distribution equipment and provide good logistical support for medical staff? Infrared thermal imaging cameras can solve this problem. This article will explain in detail how infrared thermal imaging cameras improve the efficiency of equipment inspection.

1. Infrared thermal imager usage scenarios

The general affairs department of the hospital is to provide the supply and guarantee of water, electricity and heating for clinical departments, and is mainly in charge of high and low voltage power distribution, central air conditioning, boiler room, etc. There are 4 power distribution centers for high and low voltage power distribution. The central air-conditioning system includes 10KV refrigeration unit, heat exchange station, terminal air-conditioning unit and fan coil unit. The daily work of the repair center is to inspect, maintain and repair the equipment. The main application scenarios are as follows:

(1) Power distribution center circuit and cable inspection;

(2) Inspection of terminal distribution boxes and lines;

(3) Central air-conditioning terminal inspection;

2. The application of infrared thermal imager in the inspection of hospital power distribution equipment

Especially during the peak electricity consumption in summer, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the electricity circuit to ensure the safety of electricity consumption. In daily work, the detection of lines, electrical components and electrical equipment is particularly important for thermal imaging cameras. In addition to checking conventional electrical parameters, thermal imaging cameras also need to make direct judgments on the working status of equipment and lines.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can form a wide range of infrared images of objects on power distribution equipment, and can intuitively view the temperature status of the equipment and discover the hidden dangers of the equipment. Not only that, the thermal imaging camera uses MSX technology to provide extraordinary thermal imaging detail, and also has Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect to smartphones and tablets via a mobile app to easily share images and send reports from anywhere.