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New energy vehicles have differences in power and performance compared to fuel-consuming vehicles, and infrared online thermal imagers can provide corresponding assistance in their battery research and development, daily use of charging piles, and vehicle function characteristics due to their characteristics.

Research and production of lithium batteries with online thermal imagers

Lithium batteries have higher temperature requirements, and the optimal operating temperature range is 20-40℃. Exceeding this range, either too high or too low, may affect their service life and performance. When the temperature is too high, lithium batteries are prone to thermal runaway, causing high temperature fires and even explosions.

The infrared online thermal imager can evaluate the thermal management and thermal safety performance of lithium batteries during the research and development stage through temperature monitoring, and monitor the temperature during the production stage, issuing an alarm when battery bulging or gas leak problems occur.

Real-time monitoring of charging piles with online thermal imagers

As the number of new energy vehicles increases, the supporting charging pile facilities are also gradually increasing. However, due to the high voltage and large current working mode of charging piles, power safety and fire problems have become a difficult problem to face. Because of the characteristics of lithium batteries, trying to extinguish fires and smoke after they occur will often cause significant property damage, so early prediction and warning are extremely important.

The infrared thermal imager can issue warning reminders based on changes in the temperature of the charging interface and line surface before an accident occurs. Through predictive infrared images and data analysis, it can help charging equipment reduce property damage caused by circuit faults, insulation problems, over-temperature and over-pressure problems, etc.

Diagnosis of car window heating wire faults with online thermal imagers

The car window heating function is very useful in autumn and winter, which can achieve defogging by heating the car window resistor wire.

The heating wire is located on the rear window of the car, and whether it works normally or not will directly affect the safe driving of the car in foggy weather. Using an infrared online thermal imager, a comprehensive and rapid diagnosis of the entire heating wire distribution can be made to determine if there is any breakage.

Diagnosis of seat heating faults with online thermal imagers

Similar to testing the car window heating wire, using an infrared online thermal imager can comprehensively and quickly detect the seat heating system to determine if there are any problems and accurately locate the fault point.