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An infrared thermal imager has the following advantages: an infrared imaging instrument.

Ⅰ. Infrared thermal imager intuitively displays the temperature field on the object surface

The infrared thermal imager can measure the temperature of each point on the surface of the object simultaneously and display it in the form of an image.

Ⅱ. High-temperature resolution of the infrared thermal imager

Since the infrared thermal imager can simultaneously display the temperature values of two points, it can accurately distinguish slight temperature differences, even up to 0.01.

Ⅲ. Infrared thermal imager can adopt a variety of display methods

The video signal output by the online thermal imaging camera contains a large amount of target information, which can be displayed in various ways. For example, pseudo-color processing is performed on the video signal, and thermal images of different temperatures are displayed in different colors; if the analog-to-digital conversion processing is performed on the video signal, the temperature value of each object point can be displayed digitally.

Ⅳ. Infrared thermal imager can be used for data storage and computer processing

The video signal output by the ir thermal imaging camera can be stored in digital memory or recorded on videotape. It can be maintained for a long time and processed by a computer.

Ⅴ. Infrared thermal imagers are widely used in civilian fields

With the maturity of thermal imaging technology, various low-cost infrared thermal imagers suitable for civilian use have come out. They are playing an increasingly important role in multiple sectors of the national economy. In industrial production, many types of equipment are often in high temperature, high pressure, and high-speed operating state. The use of infrared thermal imagers to detect and monitor this equipment can ensure the safe operation of the equipment and find abnormal conditions to eliminate hidden dangers in time.

In addition, infrared cameras online have critical applications in many fields such as medical treatment, public security, fire protection, archaeology, transportation, agriculture, and geology. And it is often used in searching for heat leakage in buildings, forest fire detection, fire source search, marine rescue, ore fracture identification, missile engine inspection, public security surveillance, and non-destructive inspection of various materials and system quality.