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Boiler is a kind of equipment that uses the heat energy or other energy released by fuel combustion to heat working medium (intermediate heat carrier) to a certain parameter. From the perspective of energy utilization, boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment.

In a boiler, the chemical storage energy of primary energy (fuel) is converted into heat energy contained in combustion products (flue gas and ash) through combustion process, and then the heat is transferred to intermediate heat carriers (such as water and steam) through heat transfer process, and the heat is transferred to heat consuming equipment by it.

Our thermal imager for sale can be used to evaluate the heat loss of boiler and heating furnace. The main evaluation points are:

Heat loss due to exhaust gas

Loss of heat from incomplete combustion of gases; loss of heat from incomplete combustion of solids; loss of heat dissipation

The benefits generated by the assessment mainly includes:
Energy saving technologies for improving furnace combustion include high efficiency burner, combustion control technology, fuel additive and fuel magnetization technology. It is mainly to make the furnace combustion process more completely and sufficiently.

To strengthen the heat preservation and energy-saving technology, the new high-efficiency thermal insulation materials are mainly used to improve the heat preservation effect of the furnace body and reduce the heat loss.

Energy saving technology to reduce smoke loss refers to the use of heat pipe heating furnace, heat pipe heat exchanger and other energy-saving technologies.