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As we all know, transmission lines are generally built in remote areas such as suburbs and mountainous areas, extending hundreds or thousands of meters vertically and horizontally. The surrounding is complex and changeable, which poses great challenges to monitoring equipment. The thermal imaging camera temperature measurement can be used normally in the day and night and extreme weather, and can overcome the obstacles such as rain, fog and smoke, and effectively capture the images of all heating objects.

The transmission line fire prevention wildfire monitoring system is used for real-time mountain fire monitoring around high-voltage transmission lines. Users can obtain remote line mountain fire, burning straw, burning paper and other mountain fire events threatening the line safety in the monitoring center. Once the mountain fire occurs, it can send out an alarm at the first time, so as to put out the mountain fire in time and ensure the stable operation of the transmission line. 

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ransmission line prevention wildfire monitoring system contains several subsystems, one of which is the video surveillance system of prevention wildfire. The tower end of the subsystem adopts dual band thermal imaging PTZ camera, which can synchronously monitor the visible video and infrared radiation in the monitoring area. In case of mountain fire, the temperature detected by the dual band thermal imaging PTZ camera exceeds the set threshold value, which can automatically alarm. The monitoring personnel can judge and respond quickly based on the temperature data and real-time video images.

At present, the power industry is the civil industry with the most application of thermal imaging technology in China. As a mature and effective power online detection method, thermal imaging technology can effectively shorten the maintenance time of power equipment and greatly improve the reliability of equipment operation.