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① Only by using CT, MRI and other methods to understand the changes of tissue structure of patients, and by using infrared thermogram to understand the changes of regional blood circulation and other functional state changes, namely the combination of structural image and functional image, can make clinical judgment have a more comprehensive imaging basis.

② The site, scope and degree of acute and chronic inflammation
Inflammation is a very common pathological phenomenon. Swelling and hot pain are the most common manifestations of inflammation. But in the actual human body, when the clinical analysis of inflammation, through blood routine tests such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate to determine the presence of inflammation, but where the inflammation is, this is often a very concerned problem in diagnosis. The use of infrared thermogram can be easier to solve this problem: all acute inflammation of the lesions of its temperature must be high; chronic inflammatory lesions, due to the organic adhesion, local blood circulation decreased, its temperature should be reduced; if chronic inflammatory lesions attack in acute, it can appear high and low temperature staggered situation. This function will bring good convenience to clinic.

③ Monitoring the blood supply status and function of limb vessels
Infrared thermal imager for sale has some advantages in detecting vascular lesions, especially the blood supply state of limb vessels. When arterial lesions affect blood supply, the distal end must be hypothermia; for venous lesions, the distal end must be slightly high temperature change due to blood stasis and congestion; when the blood vessel is severed, the blood supply dominated area must appear corresponding low temperature; when the vascular disconnection is restored, the blood supply dominated area will appear rewarming phenomenon. Compared with other methods, such as ultrasonic Doppler and thermometers, infrared thermogram is more convenient and intuitive.

④ Tumor warming indication, whole-course monitoring, efficacy evaluation

At present, there are few methods for early detection. Infrared thermogram has obvious advantages. When normal cells begin to malignant transformation, normal cell metabolism into abnormal cell metabolism, cells proliferate at high speed. In order to meet the needs of cell growth, it must be accompanied by the increase of blood circulation. At the same time, due to the role of tumor toxic factors, local vascular expansion will be brought. The result of these changes must result in an increase in local heat. However, in the middle and late stage of tumor, only low temperature appears due to liquefaction and necrosis of tumor center. Medical thermal infrared imager has high sensitivity. When the temperature changes more than 0.05 ℃, it can detect and record this change, showing abnormal high temperature parts.