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It's not surprising that modern people will suffer from a disease that their predecessors can't understand - air conditioning disease. After all, whether it's air-conditioning refrigeration or heating, it is far from the actual natural environment. The popularity of cars makes the air conditioning system of this small space more attractive. Automobile air conditioning system is a device for cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification of the air in the car. It is directly related to the comfort of the riding environment, the fatigue strength of the driver and driving safety. However, many people didn't pay too much attention to it until carrying out the vehicle inspection. They got alert until they knew that such safety accidents occurred frequently in recent years.

So how to test the safety of automobile air conditioning system? The infrared thermal camera is going to wear armor again. First of all, the use of infrared thermal imager to check the heat exchanger of automobile air conditioner can timely find the phenomenon of the performance degradation of the heat exchanger such as the tube burst, the tube blockage, the diaphragm corrosion and the deviation from the normal function, so as to take measures in time. Secondly, if the compressor and its pipeline of the automobile air conditioner leak, the operation time of the compressor will be prolonged, and the evaporator will not frost completely or not frost at all, resulting in product defects; the infrared car camera can accurately locate the leakage position of the refrigerant to prevent product quality accidents.

Of course, in addition to the automobile air conditioning system, the brake pads, heated seats, tires, automobile appliances, automobile transmitters, automobile welding robots, automobile rear windshield, automobile front windshield, automobile headlamp, motor winding detection, lithium battery detection, lead-acid battery bridge detection can also be completed by infrared car camera.