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Those who are familiar with thermal imaging cameras know that thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of uses. They can be used to monitor substations, prevent electrical fires, and even check pipeline leaks in the HVAC field. However, most people do not have a deep understanding of the application fields of thermal imaging cameras. This article analyzes the application of thermal imaging cameras in the field of automation, hoping to help more people understand online thermal imaging cameras and solve related problems. In automation applications, infrared thermal imaging cameras can play an irreplaceable role in five applications such as automated inspection, process control, condition monitoring, fire prevention and monitoring, and continuous optical gas imaging.

1. Automated inspection of thermal imager online

For many applications, such as the production of parts in the automotive or electronics industry, thermal data is critical. Although machine vision software can detect production problems, it cannot detect thermal anomalies. Thermal images of the thermal imager online can provide more information for production professionals and decision-makers. In fact, in terms of non-contact precise temperature measurement, other products cannot be compared with infrared thermal imaging cameras. The infrared thermal imaging camera adds a new dimension to machine vision and is the perfect solution for applications such as non-contact precise temperature measurement and non-destructive testing.

2. Control of the processing process of the thermal imager online

Process control is mainly related to temperature measurement and or appearance inspection of specific products on the production line. Use the obtained parameters to control and improve the process, so that the product temperature or appearance meets the technical parameter requirements, such as ensuring quality control, determining whether the product is 100% inspected, etc. Online thermal imaging cameras can also achieve more, and production engineers can use valuable data from the production process to improve the efficiency of the entire production process.

3. Condition monitoring of thermal imager online

Condition monitoring refers to the identification of potential problems before the occurrence of failures to prevent accidental shutdowns and high costs. Typical equipment that can be monitored includes high and low voltage equipment, turbines, compressors and other electromechanical equipment. Sometimes it is necessary to monitor the entire production process, because any abnormality may cause danger.

4. Thermal imager online is used for fire prevention and detection

A fire can destroy the entire premises and storage area in a very short time. The value of the destroyed goods is huge, and the cost of life is even more incalculable. Although warehouses and storage areas are usually equipped with fire alarm systems and fire fighting systems, these systems only come into play after a fire. The high temperature thermal camera can detect hot spots before a fire occurs so that relevant personnel can take necessary measures.

5. Thermal imager online combined with optical gas imaging (OGI)

Optical gas imaging infrared thermal imaging cameras can visualize and accurately locate gas leaks, and continuously scan equipment located in long-distance areas or difficult-to-access areas. Continuous monitoring means that when a dangerous or expensive gas leaks, you will be notified immediately so that you can take timely countermeasures.