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In addition to infrared detection of electrical equipment, infrared thermal imagers have many applications in the field of automation. Infrared thermal imagers have functions such as non-contact accurate temperature measurement and real-time imaging, which can promote the efficient development of automated production.

1. Quality assurance

The intuitive and eye-catching advantages of infrared thermal imager play a role in many industries such as auto parts, glass, and electronics. Through non-contact temperature measurement, the distribution of thermal images of products can be observed intuitively, and thermal anomalies can be found.

During the production and processing of glass bottles and other equipment, different emissivity will be generated due to different thicknesses, so there will be a certain temperature difference on the infrared thermal imager.

In the same way, during the filling process of the bottle body, overfill, shortage or other situations will also be displayed on the thermal image. In addition, through the infrared thermal imaging camera, the quality inspection of the bottle body and filling can also be realized.

2. Process optimization

Through the penetrability and accurate temperature measurement capability of the infrared thermal imager, the temperature parameters are combined with the technology control, so as to realize the efficiency improvement.

In the process of tyre development and production, temperature changes will occur. Since the temperature changes rapidly and cannot be observed by the eyes, a series of changes can be recorded through an infrared thermal imager, so as to grasp the time accuracy in the process of research and development and production, and improve production quality and efficiency.

The infrared thermal imager is used to monitor the different changes in the temperature of the water marks on the paper roller, and to detect the excessive moisture in time, so as to avoid damage to the paper roll coating and cause downtime, so as to optimize the production process and improve the automation efficiency.

3. Safe production

In industries such as iron and steel metallurgy and petrochemical, safety production is the primary issue. The damage of pipelines and tanks in the iron and steel metallurgy industry will lead to production accidents, and the leakage of special gases in the petrochemical industry will also lead to explosion accidents. Infrared thermal imagers can timely observe whether there are defects in pipelines, tanks, etc. Optical gas imagers can also be used to conduct inspections on oil and gas leakage in key areas to ensure production safety.

The rotary kiln body can be detected by an infrared thermal imager. According to the abnormal high temperature part on the infrared thermal image, it can be immediately diagnosed that there is a defect in the lining of the high temperature corresponding part. The higher the temperature, the more serious the corresponding defect.

ULIRVISION Technology G330 optical gas imaging thermal imager can detect a gas leak. Large-scale accidents can be effectively avoided if it is used to detect key areas and check for leaks in a timely manner.

The infrared thermal imager has advantages of real-time imaging, accurate temperature measurement and high thermal sensitivity, which ensures the safety of automatic process detection and production control, and can escort the development of modern industry.