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Crude oil is an important part of modern energy, and the number of chemical plants is increasing, but the harm of chemical plants is very serious, and the consequences of accidents are also very serious. We, Red Phase Technology, provide various types of infrared thermal imaging cameras for petrochemical plants. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature data from objects, effectively detecting abnormal temperatures and pipeline leaks in petrochemical plants. Let's take a look at the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in the petrochemical field.

1. Infrared thermal imager pipeline inspection

A refinery cannot do without pipes. The pipes of such manufacturers are generally more complex and have a longer service life, so the requirements for maintenance and testing are also higher. With traditional manual inspection, as in the past, the inspection scope is limited and cannot cover all piping equipment. However, if you use an infrared thermal imager at this time, you can view it from a long distance, and you can also view hidden dangers that cannot be detected by the naked eye, such as abnormal temperature, pipeline cracks, and pipeline corrosion.

2. Infrared thermal imager gas detection

Chemical fortifications are accompanied by gas production. Compared with the transportation process of petroleum liquid, the gas is easy to leak in the pipeline, and it is not easy to be detected, which is more harmful. But for gas, we have special gas leak detection equipment, which can relieve your troubles.

3. Infrared thermal imager for anti-theft monitoring in oil production plants

Oil prices are too high, and many people steal oil by any means necessary, and they are very professional, and traditional monitoring methods are difficult to find. At this time, if an infrared thermal imager is used as a monitoring device, no matter how powerful the camouflage is, there is nowhere to hide.

4. Infrared thermal imager patrol robot

In oil production and refining, many steps are accompanied by high temperatures, high pressures, or the generation of toxic gases that keep humans inaccessible, requiring robots to do the work for us. According to its special working environment, cruise robot, orbital infrared imaging system and aerial infrared imaging system are designed. Infrared detection and temperature measurement can be performed under different conditions.