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Intelligent infrared thermal imaging is widly used in crowded places such as airports, train stations and passenger stations. Temperature screening of the passing crowed is carried out  through thermal imaging technology and temperature measuring technology to strengthen the security work. So the epidemic situation can be effectively controlled and prevented to spread rapidly in order to guarantee local people’s safety.

Compared with ordinary thermometers for temperature measurement, infrared thermal imaging technology has many advantages:


The first one is contactless temperature measuring. Observing the crowded through infrared thermal imaging camera, the temperature of exposed parts like forehead of a person can be measured directly,avoiding direct contact between medical staff and patients.

The second one is that the accuracy of temperature measuring of infrared thermal imaging camera is higher.

Besides, there is another advantage that infrared thermal imaging will not be affected by weather and lighting conditions. Therefore, apart from what we have seen has being applied in temperature measuring, infrared thermal imaging can also be extensively used in aspects such as security monitoring, fire alarming, outdoor search and rescue and so on.