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Infrared thermal imaging camera is mainly used for infrared night vision. We know that all objects above absolute zero (-273°C) emit infrared radiation. The temperature of the surface of the object is different, and the color of different parts of the thermal image converted by the infrared thermal imaging camera is also different. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the discrimination of different objects is also completed by this. Of course, in some applications, infrared thermal imaging camera is often used in missile guidance, infrared radar, infrared stealth, etc.

In addition, in the fire protection system, infrared thermal imaging camera is also an indispensable help. When a large fire accident occurs, firefighters must first determine the location of trapped persons or dangerous goods lights before carrying out rescue operations. By using the infrared thermal imaging camera, accurate positioning can be achieved and unnecessary casualties can be reduced. At present, infrared thermal imaging cameras have been introduced in security monitoring in many areas, and infrared cameras have been perfectly used in monitoring equipment.

Infrared thermal imaging guns can clearly see people, weapons and animals in harsh environments such as black, smoke, dust, rain and snow, trees, camouflage, etc., which is of great importance for early detection of enemy situations, rapid search for prey, and combat crime.