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The infrared thermal imaging cameras are now widely used in various fields of security precautions in national life. This article introduces various common infrared thermography applications.

1. Airport security monitoring

The airport is an important public place and an important security facility in the country. Whether it is a protected passenger, airport staff, and the expensive equipment, or facing criminal activities such as illegal perimeter invasion and destruction of airport facilities.

2. Parking lot security monitoring

The infrared security monitoring heads installed in the parking lot and at all the entrances and exits, can monitor the security environment in the parking lot by days and nights to protect the safety of vehicles and personnel. At the same time, it can also detect criminal incidents such as theft, stolen, and destruction for the first time.

3. Port security monitoring

The safety issues such as vessel traffic in the harbor and the surrounding borders need to be monitored effectively, especially at night and in foggy weather. Since the infrared thermal imaging camera has good night vision and fog-passing functions, the security monitoring system can detect the safety of the target area around the clock.

4. Community security monitoring

With the improvement of people's security awareness, the importance of community safety has become more and more prominent. Especially in high-end communities with high greening, criminals will always use greening trees to avoid the inspections, so they can commit criminal activities at night and in dark hours. The security monitoring system can discover the hidden criminals through the night vision function, so it can effectively prevent the occurrence of crimes such as stealing and destruction at night, and at the same time, it can improve both the safety protection levels of residents’ personal and property.

5. Security monitoring of important facilities and locations

The infrared thermal security monitoring is a system of passive imaging of the surface temperature of objects, which can be used as on-site monitoring for important facilities, important departments, buildings, and locations at night. For example, places like banks, prisons, hospitals, schools, stations, parks, and so on. Especially in places such as banks and prisons, when criminals who have an ulterior motive and want to commit criminal activity, they often bypass the video surveillance equipment that needs supplementary light to conduct sabotage activities. However, the infrared thermal imaging cameras are passive imaging, which does not require any supplementary light equipment to perform normal imaging, and it can detect the criminal activities concealed in the dark.

6. Public security patrol and criminal investigation

The criminals mainly take criminal activities at night or in disguised places. The infrared thermal imaging camera will not be affected by factors such as light intensity, smoke, grass, and so on, so its effect in a criminal investigation is very significant.

7. Firefighting site command and the rescue of personnel

The scene of the fire is often densely covered with smoke, and the situation is complicated. Observation and search and rescue by the naked eye only are not possible to observe the situation completely clear, and it will delay the timing of rescue. The application of fire-fighting infrared thermal imaging camera can easily penetrate the thick smoke, clearly see the situation of the fire site, find the fire spot and burning materials, search and rescue the people in distress in time, and improve the survival rate of trapped people. In addition, firefighters can also use infrared thermal imaging camera to observe the temperature of doors, windows, and roofs and to determine the indoor temperature, and to avoid the accumulation of combustible gas evaporating due to the heating of furniture, and to avoid that firefighters be suffered and casualties.

8. Quarantine for fevered people

The infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect the body temperature in crowded places such as airports, railway stations, passenger stations, docks, exhibitions, and so on. The imaging of the infrared thermal imaging camera is a non-contact temperature measurement. It can measure the body temperature of the human forehead and some exposed parts by observing the crowd through an infrared thermal imaging camera, so that it can avoid direct contact between the medical personnel and the patients. At the same time, the infrared thermal imaging camera can perform batch temperature measurement on the crowd, and there is no need to do temperature measurement for one person and one forehead each time, which greatly improves the circulation ability of the crowd that need to be measured. As for the infrared thermal imaging camera for medical use, its temperature measurement accuracy can reach ± 0.5 ℃. Through the infrared thermal imaging camera and the temperature measurement technology to measure people’s temperature and conduct the screening work, the security work can be strengthened, which can effectively control the epidemic, prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic, and ensure the safety of personnel in all region.