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In 2018, we worked diligently and overcame a lot of difficulties. ULIRVISION continued to develop steadily, once again achieved good results. In recognition of the hard work of all employees over the past year, ULIRVISION held an annual meeting on January 30th. All employees together to celebrate for the moment and look to the future.

Our chairman, our general manager had delivered speeches, affirmed the achievements of the past year, made a vision for the future, and expressed their best wishes for the new year.

We also presented awards to the outstanding departments and outstanding employees of the year. Thank you for your contribution to the company. We also encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts in the new year.

Radish squatting opened the prelude to the game session of the annual meeting. Turning the hula hoop and using the needle, listening to songs, you draw me guess, all the games pushed the atmosphere of joy to the climax again and again.

Dinner ended in the midst of laughter.

ULIRVISION once again thanked all the staff for their hard work over the past year, and thanked thousands of people for supporting and encouraging. In the new year, let us go hand in hand and create greater glories.

See you next year!