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The application of IR thermal imaging camera in the marine envIRonment is efficient and practical, and can meet the following needs: port, waterway and coastal safety, maritime safety, maritime illegal entry detection, maritime law enforcement, anti-pIRacy and threat detection, fishing fleet protection, ship tracking and observation, search and rescue operations and envIRonmental protection. Even objects that cannot be detected by the radar system, such as sailboats, wooden boats, and floating objects. They cannot escape the "shape eyes" of thermal imaging cameras.

(1) IR thermal imaging camera's application in sailing

The ocean is a dangerous place, especially at night or in bad weather. Even professional sailors will be very painful. The IR thermal imaging camera provide an "early warning system" for common hazards, allowing sailors to sail with confidence no matter what weather conditions are. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can show the invisible heat emitted by potential hazards, including floating objects, route traffic, anchored ships and small ships. Infrared will show artificial buildings: floating, bridge piers, piers, etc. It can also identify icebergs and shallow-swimming whales.

(2)  IR thermal imaging camera's application in Commercial voyage

IR thermal imaging cameras help oil tankers safely pass through ice-covered waters. Everything can be seen clearly at night. It is as clear as during the day. You can see any details on other ships: the cockpit, bridge, anchorage, everything is in sight. This is true even in the dark envIRonment.

(3)  IR thermal imaging camera's application in emergency rescue

The maritime search and rescue mission is a very complex task. On-site commanders can use IR thermal imaging cameras to accurately locate victims, so as to smoothly carry out search and rescue operations on the water. Improved situational awareness helps to increase the safety of all participants. In the absence of any lighting, IR thermal imaging cameras help maritime workers understand the dynamics of the land, delineate the alert area around the crime scene or search area and provide effective assistance to law enforcement personnel on the land. When the crew on the ship communicates possible safety issues to the units in the search area, it is very helpful for maritime law enforcement officers to carry out efficient and safe cooperation.