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Photovoltaic handheld infrared thermal imager can quickly and efficiently detect the hot spot attenuation of photovoltaic modules, and is one of the necessary products for power station circuit system detection. Thermal imaging cameras are an extremely important quality assurance process for solar panels. Proper operation of the panels is necessary for efficient power generation, long service life and high ROI. To ensure proper operation, a quick, easy and reliable way to check the performance of solar panels is needed, both during production and after the panels are installed.

1. There are several advantages to using infrared thermal imagers for solar panel inspections

Anomalies can be clearly shown on a clear thermal image, and unlike most other methods, a handheld thermal imager camera can be used to inspect the installed solar panel during operation. Finally, the infrared thermal image can also inspect large areas in a short period of time. In R&D, thermal imaging cameras are already established tools for solar cell and panel inspection. For these complex measurements, high-performance thermal imaging cameras with cooled detectors are often used under controlled laboratory conditions.

2. The use of infrared thermal imagers for solar panel inspection is not limited to the research field

Uncooled thermal imaging cameras are now increasingly used for quality management of solar panels prior to installation, as well as routine predictive maintenance inspections after installation. Potential problem areas can be detected with a handheld thermal imager camera and fixed before the problem or failure actually occurs. But not every thermal imaging camera is suitable for solar cell inspection, and there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed in order to conduct an effective inspection and ensure the correct conclusions are drawn.