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With the continuous development of infrared technology, thermal imager is gradually used in more and more livelihood industries, such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

1. Heating test for preform of the blow molding machine

The blow molding machine is used to produce the plastic packaging of bottled drinks. For the manufacturers, the filling bottles need to reach a certain strength and at the same time be as thrifty as possible with raw materials, which makes it need higher requirements for the heating process of preforms. The thermal imaging device can accurately detect the temperature of each part of each preform on the production line, and the detection results can effectively adjust the power of each heating interval and perfect the heating process, save the use of raw materials, and reduce the waste bottle rate to the minimum, so as to avoid quality problems such as liquid leakage during filling.

2. Inspection of filling disinfection

In the filling production line of bottled beverages, the packaging bottle is usually sterilized before filling. The disinfectant mixed with high-temperature steam is sprayed into the bottle to achieve the goal of adequate disinfection. The infrared thermal camera can detect the uneven spray field during the disinfection process, thereby adjusting the spray process and avoiding food safety accidents due to poor disinfection.

3. Heat healing of instant noodle bowl packaging

The packaging safety of fast food is one of the most important links related to the whole food safety. The hot sealing plays a role in sealing the package. The temperature of heat sealing being too low or too high will both lead to the failure of the packaging seal and cause food deterioration. Therefore, temperature control is adopted in the process of heat sealing, but the traditional thermocouple temperature control cannot accurately control the overall temperature distribution of the heat sealing. The thermal imager can easily detect the whole and maximum temperature of the heat healing, so as to ensure the product quality.