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As a swift solution for detecting energy consumption, moisture and electrical problems in buildings, thermal vision cameras can pinpoint the problem and help inspectors accurately diagnose energy loss in an area.

1. Thermal vision camera can help with building diagnosis

With the help of thermal vision cameras, you can quickly and comprehensively detect buildings and identify problem areas that are difficult to detect with the human eye.

2. Thermal vision camera can help with energy consumption audit and house maintenance

More than half of the energy consumption problems in buildings are caused by excessive air leakage. The existence of air leakage pathways is inevitable and very complex, and it is difficult to rely on the naked eye to detect without the help of the thermal vision camera.

3. Thermal vision camera can help with property and equipment management

Thermal vision cameras are used for preventive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems and are of great value. They can be used to detect the location of faults, prevent engineering stoppages, guide the correct operational measures, and increase the safety of operational implementation.

4. Thermal vision cameras can help with HVAC systems and piping systems

Thermal vision camera can quickly detect the whole building to see the HVAC air system, building facade and piping system and other related issues.

5. Thermal vision camera can help with moisture and repair

If there are gaps or condensation on the building's exterior walls, moisture can form, which can cause serious harm. Infrared thermal vision cameras can help you easily detect such water damage problems.

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