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What are the advantages of the infrared camera online? What are the application of infrared cameras online? ULIRVISION will introduce you to the infrared camera online.

1. What is an infrared camera online?

The definition of an infrared camera online is that it can be installed near the detected target, conduct online testing, transmit the signal to the main control system, and accept instructions for function switching. It is required to have an external power supply interface, a long continuous and stable working time, and can meet various complex environmental requirements.

2. The advantages of the infrared camera online

Compared with portable infrared thermal imager, infrared camera online has the following advantages:

(1) Work continuously for a long time

Generally, the stable working time is at least 10 hours, and some products' working time are even up to 24 hours. After setting the scene, the temperature threshold is monitored for 24 hours.

(2) The shell can be expanded and strengthened

The infrared camera online needs to meet the installation needs of the outdoor, high tower, dangerous explosion-proof places and other special applications, which needs to be added with dust-proof and waterproof casing and expand the visible light for double-light observation, which is suitable for the application of special scene.

(3) Suitable for software development

Ordinary infrared camera online do not have a direct human-computer interaction thermal imaging interface. They need to use computer client software for thermal image observation, which is more flexible. SDK development kits are provided to develop applications according to your applications.

(4) Strong integration

The infrared camera online can perform system integration and automatic linkage functions according to the industrial bus. It can not only control other units according to the output of the thermal imager, but also serve as a unit element of the entire system.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of the infrared camera online. If you want to know more about it, please continue to pay attention to this website. If you want to know more details about related products, please feel free to contact us. Our staff will serve you wholeheartedly.