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Infrared thermal imagers are typically used to detect the surface temperature distribution of objects. Regarding sealing quality, they can be used for the following inspections:

Temperature Uniformity

Using an infrared thermal imager can detect the temperature distribution in the sealing area, ensuring uniform temperature during the sealing process, thereby avoiding sealing quality issues caused by local underheating or overheating.

Sealing Performance

Infrared thermal imagers can detect whether there are leakage points in the sealing area, as leakage points usually cause temperature changes. By detecting temperature anomalies, sealing performance issues can be identified and corrected in time.

Melting Uniformity

During the heat sealing or welding process, an infrared thermal imager can help detect whether the material is melting uniformly, ensuring that the entire sealing area is adequately heated to guarantee sealing quality.

Temperature Monitoring

Infrared thermal imagers can also be used for real-time temperature monitoring of the sealing area to maintain an appropriate temperature range throughout the sealing process for optimal sealing results.

Infrared thermal imagers play a crucial role in ensuring sealing quality. Through real-time temperature monitoring and anomaly detection, they help promptly identify and resolve issues during production, thus improving sealing quality.