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1. Infrared thermal imager can be applied to roof insulation layer detection

For buildings, the leakage and energy loss caused by the aging and damp of the roof insulation is one of the most common problems. The traditional detection method (manual visual inspection) has a large number of omissions. Reinstalling the roof means a huge repeated investment. Because the heat capacity ratio of water or air is different from that of building materials, when the temperature of leakage part changes in the environment, the rate of temperature change is different from that of normal part, and this tiny temperature difference can be clearly reflected in the infrared. When using the infrared thermal imaging camera, we only need to find the temperature difference in the insulation layer or on the surface through external detection, then we can fully know about the damage of the insulation layer, and take the most economical maintenance work, then we can save a lot of costs.

2. Infrared thermal imager can be applied to the detection of outer wall thermal insulation layer

The application of infrared thermal imager can accurately locate the moisture (low temperature point) or hollowing (high temperature point) in the wall, so as to find the defects of thermal insulation layer or building construction, and its accuracy is no less than that of roof detection.

3. infrared thermal imager can be applied to the detection of leakage and thermal defects of interior wall and ceiling

If the walls (or roofs) of a building are damp, it can cause mildew, which affect residents who are allergic to it. In addition, if the wall is damped (similar to the roof), and the insulation layer has water absorption, its performance will be greatly reduced, and it should be replaced in time.

4. infrared thermal imager can be used for building sealing test

Including: leakage of doors and windows, construction joints, walls and roofs of buildings. If the air leaks, the cooling efficiency will be low in summer, and the heating air will be insufficient in winter. In this case, comprehensive temperature field distribution detection can be carried out for windows, closed doors, construction joints, etc. The application of infrared thermal imager can check whether there is thermal abnormality and air flow difference, so as to judge the construction quality problems. Another common problem in building detection is the detection of glass curtain wall. With the extension of service time, the possibility of leakage of glass curtain wall caused by building stress and bond aging is very large. infrared thermal imager can carry out rapid, convenient and safe comprehensive detection, providing basis for maintenance and construction.

5. Infrared thermal imager can be used for indoor temperature distribution detection

Generally speaking, the application of infrared thermal imager can find the place with significant temperature difference in temperature field inspection, which is often the problem of energy consumption. There are such problems as the loss of cold and warm air overflow, air conditioner fan failure, poor efficiency of entrance and exit door seal, shading or heating insulation design defects or damage, which can be used as the basis for the next maintenance work of the engineering department.