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Continuous lighting of the entire wharf at night is not the best solution. Installation of supplementary lighting usually costs too much, and power supply and maintenance costs are also too expensive. In some sensitive places, it is also considered too cumbersome. In addition, lighting essentially provides an attack route for the invasion, and the shadow generated helps them hide and increase the chance of access without being detected. Most crimes occur when criminals think they are safe and easy to make it, and most of crimes are committed in the dark night or fog.

It should be the basic responsibility of wharf management to provide safety facilities and maintain the safe state of the wharf. Through the security police,  import and exportc control, observation and user understanding and other comprehensive measures to protect the wharf. Modern yachts are equipped with advanced electronic systems, such as navigation systems, as well as advanced video and audio systems, water jet propulsion devices and a large number of other expensive equipments, all of which are favored by thieves.

Marine security camera: it can effectively solve all the problems when watching things at night under all kinds of weather conditions.

In the night and part of the day, the best way to monitor the dock is to use thermal imaging technology. In thermal imaging, the infrared thermal camera "watches" the thermal energy or infrared energy emitted by the object. It is a kind of light invisible to the human eye, because its wavelength is too long for the human eye to detect. Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can see its heat. Infrared thermal camera can produce invisible infrared or "thermal" radiation image, which is based on the temperature difference between objects, and thermal imaging technology can produce clear image. Compared with other technologies, such as the light amplification technology of low light level camera and laser night vision camera, thermal imaging can produce images that can see the details clearly without light. Thermal imaging provides full visibility regardless of the usual light intensity and weather conditions. It can see things in the dark night or through mist and smoke from a long distance, and detect people in the shadow. It is an excellent tool for wharf security and surveillance applications.