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1. Application of infrared thermal imager in forestry sites - forest fire monitoring

Infrared thermal imaging cameras conduct all-weather, long-distance and wide-range real-time monitoring, timely and accurately detect fires and give alarms, and provide fast and effective guidance for fire-fighting operations.

2. The application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in forestry places - penetrating smoke on-site rescue, directing fire fighting, and reducing losses

When a fire occurs, especially in the case of forest fires, the smoke produced by the flames is very large, which often covers the real ignition point and the spread of the fire. The infrared thermal imaging camera has a strong ability to penetrate smoke, which can effectively find the real fire point and quickly search and rescue trapped people and animals.

3. Application of infrared thermal imager in forestry sites - residual fire monitoring

After the fire is extinguished, sometimes there are sporadic fires left, and even very hidden underground fires. It is difficult for human eyes and visible light cameras to find these hidden fires, but infrared thermal imaging cameras can quickly and accurately find these potential fires. Danger.

4. Application of infrared thermal imager in forestry places - monitoring of forest scenic spots

Fire prevention monitoring of cultural relics, buildings and the overall environment of scenic spots through infrared thermal imaging cameras, including monitoring of smoking or other ignition behaviors of tourists and staff in scenic spots.

5. Application of infrared thermal imager in forestry sites - patrol law enforcement

With the help of thermal imaging cameras to monitor man-made fire sources, theft, illegal hunting, illegal logging, illegal reclamation, and illegal quarrying of stone, sand, and soil, you can quickly find distant targets in the dark.