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The transformer is the heart and center of the substation, and it is required to work reliably during operation. Once the transformer fails, it will cause damage to the equipment, and even more serious will cause a fire, endangering normal station safety. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the thermal defect of the transformer in a timely and effective manner to prevent safety accidents. On the eve of the transformer failure, it is accompanied by an increase in its own temperature. Infrared thermal imaging camera is the best detection technology for discovering thermal defects of transformers, providing infrared safety detection for thermal defects, equipment status, and safe operation monitoring of transformers.

1. The IR thermal imager improves abnormal heat caused by poor contact (the most common)

Abnormal heating of the transformer bushing caused by poor contact is the most common type of failure. The external wiring board or internal conductive rod is prone to poor contact and failure, which can be clearly displayed by an IR thermal imager.

2. The IR thermal imager improves the lack of oil inside the oil-filled casing

The lack of oil inside the transformer oil-filled bushing and the oil level line can be clearly observed through the infrared thermal imager. Because the specific heat capacity of the oil and air in the transformer is different, the heat absorption and heat dissipation speed are different. The outer wall of the oil-filled casing can be observed through the thermal imager, and the temperature difference will clearly show a temperature boundary.

Measures: It is recommended to first determine the location of the oil leak. When the power is off for maintenance, repair or replace the oil leakage part, and add transformer oil to the bushing.

3. The IR thermal imager improves the internal defects of the casing

Due to corrosion, moisture, mechanical damage, etc., there will be defects inside the casing, which may also cause abnormal heating of the casing. Using an infrared thermal imaging camera, it can be observed that the overall temperature of the failed casing is generally higher than the normal phase of other casings.

Measures: It is recommended that the transformer oil in the bushing be tested to analyze the cause of the defect.

4. The IR thermal imager improves the abnormal contact point of the casing

If the internal or external joints of the casing have poor contact, or the joints are oxidized and corroded, the temperature of the casing contact points may also be abnormal. In this case, the temperature at the contact point of the casing can be found to be abnormal through the infrared thermal imaging camera, and the temperature will be significantly higher than other normal points or lines.

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