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1. Thermal Imager for Sale Compared with X-ray

X-ray examination of chronic bronchitis early cannot be abnormal. When the lesions recur in the early stage, it causes bronchial wall thickening, bronchioles or alveolar interstitial inflammatory cells infiltration or fibrosis. The pulmonary markings of the two lungs are thickened and disordered, showing reticular, striped or patchy shadows, and the lower lung field is more obvious.

The thermal imager can find problems in the early stage.It can be seen that along the trachea and bronchus in the projection of the chest skin along the distribution of ribbon-like, reticular or plaque temperature increased display are, and with the aggravation of the disease, its hot area temperature will continue to increase and accompanied by the expansion of reactive hot area. In relief, thermography can also reflect the process of lung temperature reduction, which has its advantages in judging the curative effect in the treatment process. Patients can avoid the radiation damage caused by repeated radiography.

2. Thermal Imager for Sale Compared with CT

CT can easily find the location of brain space-occupying lesion, and its specificity is very strong. But for dizziness, headache caused by cerebral blood supply insufficiency, autonomic nerve disorder, sleep deficiency or cerebral vascular congestion because of non-brain space-occupying lesions, CT cannot help, and other examinations cannot find a reasonable explanation.

The thermal imager can not only diagnose the space-occupying lesions of the brain, but also reflect the insufficient blood supply to the brain caused by work fatigue and neuromodulation disorder. Therefore, it puts forward higher requirements for human health.

Thermal imager also has its own unique method in the diagnosis of thromboembolic diseases. Its image shows that the distal end of the embolic site can see obvious temperature reduction area, which is unable to achieve compared with other imaging.

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3. Thermal Imager for Sale Compared with B-ultrasound

In the history of clinical application, B-ultrasound has been widely recognized as a routine examination item.

As a rising star of thermal imaging equipment, with the deepening of clinical research and the promotion of clinical application, thermal imager will provide new means and basis for disease diagnosis, especially for some difficult and complicated diseases.

1) For example, breast mass can be found by B-ultrasound, but it can't direct whether operation is needed immediately. And by observing the blood supply of blood vessels around the breast on thermogram to determine the probability of tumor cancerization, it is helpful to guide patients whether they need surgery.

2) In terms of function, such as the diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it also has its advantages compared with B-ultrasound.

Color Doppler ultrasound is also a kind of functional imaging. When color Doppler ultrasound has not found the problem of heart blood supply, thermogram can judge the patient's heart blood supply through the slight temperature change of left and right chest area, and guide the patients to take medicine.

Clinical studies have shown that thermogram can detect tumors 6-12 months earlier than CT, X-ray and MR.

Generally speaking, thermal imager belongs to functional imaging; X-ray, CT and B-ultrasound belong to anatomic image, each of which has its own advantages and division of labor in clinical application. If we can combine the two organically, we will surely create a new chapter of medical imaging diagnosis in the near future.