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1. IR thermal camera checks the distribution of underground hidden fire areas and the location of fire sources

Oxygen leakage in the coal seam leads to oxidation, releasing carbon monoxide and heat. There are always some fine cracks in the coal seam, and the heat conduction, heat convection and heat diffusion of the micro gas cause local temperature changes on the coal seam surface. Using an IR thermal camera, the coal wall of the roadway can be observed in real time, and the area with overheated temperature can be found in time through the sound and light alarm, so that effective measures can be taken to avoid the occurrence of spontaneous combustion. The IR thermal camera adopts the overall real-time imaging technology, which can perfectly display the thermal distribution of the observed object, so that it can better distinguish the area with high temperature and find the hidden danger, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the error. probability of judgment. The IR thermal camera has an image storage function, which can freeze the image and store it for accurate analysis in the computer.

2. IR thermal camera can prevent spontaneous combustion caused by coal accumulation

After coal mines are mined, they are stacked in different areas by grade. We cannot rule out spontaneous combustion of coal piles due to the rise in temperature. Using an IR thermography camera, you can continuously monitor the hot spots of the coal pile. When a fire hazard is found, the IR thermography camera will automatically locate the high temperature point and automatically trigger an alarm. After receiving the alarm, cooling measures such as water spraying can be taken to avoid the occurrence of fire.

3. IR thermal camera checks the roof falling and takes water permeable

Mine IR thermal camera does not need visible light to take heat map, it can quickly check the temperature change on the surface of coal wall, and conduct temperature field analysis to find the highest or lowest temperature point, especially suitable for closed walls, coal seam sections, etc. , the change trend of its surface temperature can provide a basis for judging whether there is a large area of water seepage and water penetration.

4. IR thermal camera checks the operation status of various electrical and power equipment

The thermal imaging camera can also detect the temperature changes of all electrical equipment and cables when the power supply equipment and mining equipment are in normal operation. According to the temperature field distribution and temperature changes, it can judge whether there is a fault and whether it needs to be repaired according to the temperature rise. , At the same time, non-contact methods can also be used to detect the hidden dangers of various switches, joints and transformers in underground central and mining substations, the temperature rise of water pumps, local fans, explosion-proof motors and power equipment, and the heating state of conveyors and conveyor belts. Identify the status of the equipment in time and eliminate hidden dangers.

5. IR thermal camera to determine and identify squibs

During the mining process of coal mines, blasting methods are often used for mining. How to effectively evaluate the blasting effect after the blasting is completed, and how to remove the possible residual squibs has become an urgent problem to be solved after each blasting is completed. With the help of thermal imaging cameras, everything is easy. Use an IR thermography camera to scan the originally laid blasting surface, and analyze the residual heat and temperature of various blastholes to check whether there are blind guns.

6. IR thermal camera mine machinery safety inspection

As an important equipment in coal mining, mine machinery and electromechanical equipment plays an important role in leading the operation of the entire mine. In the long-term operation of high-voltage or low-voltage motors, the contacts of the equipment and the connection of the busbar will generate heat due to aging and excessive contact resistance, and the temperature of these heat-generating parts cannot be monitored and continues to deteriorate, making the performance of adjacent insulating parts. Deterioration, or even breakdown and cause an accident. Therefore, effectively monitoring the bus temperature is of great significance to the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

In order to solve the shortcomings of the above technologies, infrared thermal imaging cameras provide long-distance, zero-contact, and video-displayed infrared imaging detection, so as to discover and eliminate potential thermal faults in advance.