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The tire surface temperature reflects the working state of the tire, and is also directly related to the tire performance. Using thermal imaging cameras, you can improve tire design, improve tire product quality, and improve overall vehicle performance.

Ⅰ. Why use an IR thermal camera to detect the temperature of tires?

With the development of the automobile industry, people pay more and more attention to the safety performance of automobiles. ABS and airbags have been widely installed on various grades of automobiles. In recent years, tire safety has also attracted people's attention.

The performance of tire material is closely related to temperature, and overheating can cause serious deterioration of tire material performance, resulting in rapid tire damage. At the same time, the surface temperature of the tire is a very sensitive parameter. It not only determines the grip of the tire, but also affects the pressure of the tire, which directly reflects the working state of the tire. If the temperature is too high, higher than the normal working temperature, the tire pressure will increase accordingly, and the wear of the tire will increase; if the temperature is too low, the grip provided is not enough to withstand the power of the racing car, which will also cause the car to be difficult to handle and even slip.

Ⅱ. The application of IR thermal camera in automobile tires:

Using an IR thermal camera, the temperature of the tire surface can be detected, the working state of the entire tire can be directly displayed, and the working performance of the tire can be reflected. When designing and producing tires, tire design engineers can choose different materials to improve tire performance depending on the pressure and friction they need to withstand.

In the process of vehicle development and production, engineers need to select matching tires based on the design requirements of the target model. Using a thermal imager, they can test and easily detect whether the selected tires are suitable.

Ⅲ. The unique advantages of IR thermography camera:

At present, tire temperature detection mainly uses temperature sensor modules to detect, but it has obvious shortcomings, especially in the development and production of tires.

1. Temperature sensor

When the temperature sensor detects, if you want to obtain a relatively complete temperature field of the tire, a large number of temperature sensor modules are required. The operation is very complicated. At the same time some abnormal temperature points may still be missed. Therefore, the detection method of the temperature sensor still has a large defect.

2. IR thermography camera

IR thermography cameras make up for the lack of temperature sensors. Thermal imaging with IR thermography cameras is intuitive and easy, without missing any temperature anomalies. It can provide engineers with one of the most ideal temperature field analysis tools.

Ⅳ. How to use an IR thermography camera to perform tire thermal image detection?

1. First use the automatic mode to measure the temperature range; then manually set the level and span.

2. Switch between palette modes to achieve the best thermal image display effect (high contrast or iron red mode is recommended)

3. The working time of the tire should be no less than 15 minutes, otherwise it is difficult for the tire temperature to rise to the ideal state, which may cause errors in the judgment of tire performance.