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The portable thermal imaging camera can measure the temperature quickly and help diagnose the engine problems related to the temperature quickly. Due to the large number of vehicles at present, in order to drive safely, drivers should pay attention to their own vehicles at any time and bring a thermal imager to avoid delay of time and safety accidents due to vehicle faults. Detection of faults in engine and vent system by thermal imaging camera: 

(1) Low fuel pressure: scan temperatures in several parts to determine low fuel pressure.

(2) Ignition system fault: in case of unsuccessful ignition, multi-point scanning shall be conducted to find out the fault.

(3) Incorrect air-fuel ratio adjustment: measure and compare vent system components to correct the air-fuel ratio.

(4) Catalytic converter: scan both ends of the catalytic converter to compare the temperature difference.

(5) Cooling system diagnosis

(6) Radiator: scan the radiator to check the fastening of the inner core.

(7) Thermostat: simply measure the temperature of the thermostat.

(8) Coolant temperature sensor: measure coolant temperature sensor and multiple air temperature sensors.

(9) Temperature control in the car: check the faults of heater, air conditioner and ventilation hole quickly and conveniently.

(10) Heater / AC vent: check the output of the heating and cooling system.

(11) Check for overheating or when parts need to be replaced.

(12) Brake system: if the temperature of the brake shoes or the wheel bearings that have failed are obviously higher than the ambient temperature, it indicates excessive wear.