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The plastics industry encounters difficulties for non-contact temperature measurement. During various stages of the manufacturing process, such as in the injection molding process or thermoforming, several different temperature ranges have to be monitored and analyzed to ensure the high quality of the plastic product. In order to meet these requirements, we have developed the best thermal image camera for temperature monitoring dedicated to processing plastics.

1. The infrared camera temperature machine monitors the thin plastic thermoforming

In order to avoid localized burning and crack formation, a uniform temperature of the material is crucial in the thermoforming process. Infrared camera temperature monitoring is used to retract the temperature range of the device. Accurate measurement pyrometers can control the temperature in production processes by monitoring custom measuring points.

2. The infrared camera temperature machine monitors the injection molding

To avoid deformation of the building element during injection molding, the process can be monitored by infrared camera temperature. By measuring the molded part when the mold is opened, it is possible to detect excessive temperature or undershoot (hot spots, cold spots) and to adjust the molding temperature in time.

3. An infrared camera temperature machine monitors the polyethylene terephthalate bottle production

The injection blow molding process is very common in the production of polyethylene terephthalate bottles. A polyethylene terephthalate preform (injected part) is heated and pressed into a shape by means of compressed air. In order to control the preform temperature at different points, it is recommended to use a fast and accurate measuring pyrometer (response time 6 ms) or a fast infrared camera temperature monitoring (frequency 100 Hz).

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