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With a significant demand, infrared thermal imaging cameras could be applied in many fields such as infrastructure construction,city management,industrial production,traffic management and control,resource exploration, inspection and quarantine,fire fighting security. Since the infrared thermal imaging camera is widely applicated and could provide great convenience to production, the market demand of infrared thermal imaging cameras will keep increasing stably in the future. More and more emerging market demand will become the new growth point of infrared thermal imaging camera market.

The market of infrared thermal imaging camera keeps a fast growing speed in civilian field.The scale of global civilian market has reached to $5.507 billion in 2019 among which the high-end cooled infrared application reached to $1.512 billion and the compound annual growth rate of civilian infrared imaging camera market was 11.00%. In 2023, the global civilian infrared thermal camera market scale will worth $7.465 billion.

Nowadays, the imaging technology application is becoming more and more prevalent including various fields such as civil aviation,security, frontier defence,industry,construction, outdoors and automation.