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Infrared thermography cameras have the following applications in the marine environment: maritime illegal entry detection, maritime law enforcement, port, channel and coastal security, maritime security, fishing fleet protection, anti-piracy and threat detection, search and rescue operations, ship tracking observation, environmental protection. Some objects that cannot be detected by radar systems, such as wooden boats and floating objects, can be identified by thermal imaging cameras.

1. Infrared thermography cameras are used in ocean navigation

The ocean is an unknown and dangerous place, especially at night and in bad weather. Thermal imaging cameras can provide an early warning system for common hazards, and marine systems can display thermal energy visible to potential hazards, including en-route traffic, floating objects, anchored ships, and more.

Thermal imaging cameras can see everything at night, just like during the day, and can see any detail on other ships, cockpit, bridge, anchorage, etc., everything can be seen. Thermal imaging cameras can also reveal man-made structures such as bridge piers, piers, etc., and identify icebergs and shallow whales. Using thermal imaging cameras can help ships safely navigate ice-covered waters.

Rescue at sea is a very complicated and difficult job. The on-site commander can use the thermal imaging camera to accurately locate the trapped personnel, carry out the rescue work at sea smoothly, and help ensure the safety of all personnel. Infrared thermography cameras can help maritime staff observe land dynamics, delineate a warning range around crime scenes or search areas, and provide effective assistance to land law enforcement officers. The staff on board can convey possible safety problems to the various units in the search area, which is conducive to the efficient cooperation between sea and land law enforcement officers, improves law enforcement efficiency, and ensures the personal safety of personnel.

2. Infrared thermography camera is suitable for remote monitoring

The infrared thermal imager integrates visible light, infrared thermal imaging, and intelligent algorithms. The product is suitable for remote monitoring. It can also identify ships 5 kilometers away at night, and carry out remote and clear monitoring of the target area at night. And it has good fog penetration monitoring performance, which is an ideal choice for anti-piracy systems, global speedboats, police ships, and cargo ships. And in the remote monitoring, the image is stabilized, and the effect of preventing image shaking is remarkable.