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1. Study of applying thermal imaging camera to brains

The brain is where body central nervous system lies. It's very important to study the relationship between pallium temperature and microcirculatory blood flow.

Researchers selected high and low temperature pots on 20 craniotomy cats through IR thermal imaging camera and measured blood flow with laser Doppler flowmeter. The conclusion is that pallium temperature has direct relations with blood flow. It's pointed out that local circulation determined by cerebral neuros decides pallium temperature. Once the above relationship is established, the set pallium thermal temperature distribution image can reflect the distribution of excitation and inhibition of lobes.

2. Diagnosis of asthma type by thermal imaging camera

Asthma is a relatively long-lasting disease and it's a must to figure out the type for thorough cure.

Temperature at thyroid den, Dazhui point and fingertip are measured and compared for 50 children with asthma and 50 healthy children by thermal imaging camera. Asthma is measured as heat wheezing and cold wheezing. For heat wheezing, children patients' temperature of two acupoints of thyroid and Dazhui is obviously higher than the healthy. For cold wheezing, children patients' fingertip temperature is apparently lower than the healthy.

3. Diagnosis of arthralgia by thermal imaging camera

Arthralgia (inomyositis, rheumatic arthritis, lumbar muscle degeneration, sciatica, scapulohumeral periarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) is a common clinic disease. There is no reliable objective index or aux inspections for the diagnosis so far.

146 arthralgia patients and 23 healthy people are researched in contrast by thermal imaging camera. TCM separates 146 arthralgia patients into 48 cold arthritis, 51 wandering arthritis, 30 wet arthritis and 17 hot arthritis. The inspection reveals that limbs thermal imaging camera of 23 persons is uniformly distributed as light red and green and bilaterally symmetry with no significant difference.

The color of arthralgia patients thermal imaging camera: cold arthritis is green and blue; hot arthritis is red and deep red; wandering and wet arthritis is mostly light red and green. In different diseases, skin temperature of cold arthritis is 3~4℃ lower than the healthy; hot arthritis is 3~4℃ higher than the healthy; wandering and wet arthritis is close to the healthy.

4. Diagnosis of cancer by thermal imaging camera

Pathological features of cancer are active partial metabolism, rich blood supply and location temperature rise.

The detailed study on metabolic rule of cancer proves that the growth velocity (VDT) is the function of heat output (K/G) which lays a theoretical foundation for thermal image diagnosis in theory. Partial metabolism can be analyzed from changes of thermal images, the more obvious the changes, the more likely the cancer. Thermal images belong to functional diagnosis which is earlier than structural diagnosis. It's able to discover lesion clinically two or three months in advance. Therefore, thermography diagnosis has the function of overall warning and monitoring. Meanwhile, thermal imaging camera can help to detect primary focus, recurrent focus and metastatic lesion earlier from patient general check-up, which signifies the warning and monitoring of metastatic lesion.